Policy & Processes

Our developments are designed to elevate student living beyond just an accommodation space.

Mushawar UK ltd has a team of consultants who have worked globally across several industries and in various senior management positions. With years of experience and exposure to the Corporate World and Business Challenges, they are capable to helping Entrepreneurs and Decision Makers to develop processes that would enable their teams to perform better.

Managing operations, reaching goals becomes so important for Startups and SMEs that they often do not realize but they miss the time where they could have worked on their Human resource Management processes and policies. Before they know it, operational requirements spiral out of control and sometimes it becomes next to impossible to fix the broken system. This is where the team at Mushawar UK Ltd comes in. We help organizations stay in touch with their Human Resources needs by proposing policies that are effective in creating a work environment that is conducive to productivity, inclusion, innovation, integrity and creativity.

We help Design Operational and administrative policies such as Vacations, Employment Exit to Employee onboarding. We help our clients to engage and retain Employees by formulating Employee wellbeing and engagement programs and trainings.

Mushawar UK Ltd has a diverse experience of working with various industries in South Asia and Middle East ranging from Information Technology, Industrial & Manufacturing Sector, Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Sector, Retail and NGO Sector as well as Computer Software Industry.

Our team of consultants has worked with organizations in the Information Technology, Construction, Industrial Manufacturing, Retailing, Media, Oil and Gas, Payment Solutions, Money Transfer and Banking Industries all over the world. Helping them redefine internal processes and policies.