Career Development Solutions

Mushawar UK ltd offers various career assistance and development solutions for individuals around the globe including but not limited to:

Image CV Writing Services

Not sure if your CV is designed to get you picked for the right job? Why don’t you speak to our consultants who not only help you understand what’s possibly not working for you in your CV but also help you improve it for you

Image LinkedIn Redesign Services

It’s the new world era of digital presence and recruitment has changed tremendously over the last decade. LinkedIn helps you to reach out to wider audience for global opportunities. Speak to our consultants to find out how you can shape up your LinkedIn better.

Image Career Counseling Services

Struggling to get noticed at work? Cannot handle work Stress? IS team management proving to be more difficult than you anticipated in your new role as the manager? Speak to our consultants now and work your way up the corporate ladder.

Image Career Coaching Services

Who says no to having a One on One Session with a Career Development Expert with Global Exposure? No one! Speak to our Consultants right now to find out how you can develop in your current role, OR get to the new role you’ve been eyeing for so long.