What Is Social CRM, Is It Different From Traditional CRM

We have written quite a bit about CRM and their capabilities and various benefits you gain from using a CRM. But, in the modern world, the difference is that organizations have moved away from traditional CRM to Social CRM Solutions. What is Social CRM anyway?

Understanding What is Social CRM

In the internet age, the customer is now savvy with technology, works online for hours, and utilizes several social media platforms to interact with people, brands and organizations. To that effect, the Social CRM assists organizations to tap into these vast networks and banks of information to determine what the typical target audience needs, wants, and most importantly, feels. With using a Social CRM, instead of the traditional context of CRM, organizations can keep their fingers on the pulse of how the market behaves and interacts with their products and services.

Imagine being able to respond to customers quicker and better; being able to keep tabs on conversations that are happening around your brand, and cultivating clients right off the social media into your sales funnel.

How Is Social CRM Different From Traditional CRM

Skepticismagainst Social CRM vs. Traditional CRM can still be understood. How is it that Traditional CRM cannot help with cultivating leads and maintaining sales funnels? It actually can. However, the traditionalist view of CRM also restricts you in the kind of sales and marketing techniques that the modern market is used to.

Rather than pushing for sales, and sending out tons of marketing material to clients in various forms; you target your customers where their interest lies; where they are present, and where they want to interact. Forcing your customer out of their comfort zone, into the sales funnel, in the way you want, results in leads being lost. With Traditional CRMs, the customer is expected to follow the lead to closure thread that you prefer. With the Social CRM, this redundancy is reduced, and customers are captured in their natural habitat.

Benefits From Social CRM That You Can Derive

While different mediums and multiple social channels have opened up; leads can be scored anywhere on the spectrum of these channels. Theseleads can be converted into potential customers right through these channels without having to incur a heavy cost in cultivating these customers. Moreover, marketing becomes easier, since the organization is connected to several channels, the reach is increased, the visibility of the message also increases. In that respect, it also becomes easier to provide customer service, because today's consumer, does not, at all times, send out an email or raise a ticket for their issues or complaints. The Social CRM allows the organization to track such channels to answer and provide service right where the customer is.