Microsoft Dynamics 365 - new cloud solution for businesses

Microsoft recently disclosed their working on Dynamics 365 which is a new supercharged cousinof the latest versions of all of its cloud based solution offerings, including CRM, ERP (AX 7), Office 365 and others including their BI Tools and Cortana.

When you look at the bigger picture and evaluate it from the perspective of this combination working for you, the benefits of such an offering become quite evident. From a single cloud based service combining all the applications and features, and then providing applications that are purpose-built primarily specific functions within businesses, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a powerful solution that caters to several combinations of business needs and requirements.

When Do We Get Dynamics 365?

Dynamics 365 will be available this fall, and will have an app based approach. This will allow for independent deployment on those apps that you need as a user, including operations, financials, sales, customer service, project management, etc. Additionally, Power BI and Cortana will be available with the apps, natively built in, allowing you to take advantage of the apps with these integrated features. Quite evidently, cross selling, up-selling and detailed analytic options will be available to users of Dynamics 365.

Moreover, Dynamics 365 takes Office 365 under its wing as well; allowing you to take advantage of all the Office tools within the Dynamics platform, with the ERP and CRM. Integrations and connectors will be available from Microsoft and its partners for a better knit application for all the users too.

Any organization already using AX or CRM on cloud will find their transition to be much more seamless, especially with the new licensing structure coming into play. A more role based approach will be brought into play.